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Dealing with unwanted critters in your home or office can be a real nuisance. Knowing exactly who to call can make all the difference though. Payne Pest Solutions of Lakewood Ranch, FL, is your go-to pest expert. Our team has more than 20 years of experience and can get rid of the pests on your property with ease.

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Not all pest control treatments are the same. Many common treatments use chemicals that can be toxic to you, your loved ones and any pets or plants on your property. Our licensed professionals use pet friendly products that:

Contain pet-friendly pest control chemicals
Protect plants in the surrounding areas
Are just as effective as traditional products

We want to be your number one source for pet-friendly pest treatments. Whether you're looking for a quarterly plan or a one-time treatment, we can help.

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Payne Pest Solutions doesn't quit until the problem is solved and guaranteed not to return. Even if it's something we can't solve ourselves, we can always refer you to someone who can, so the job will get done no matter what. That's how much we care about you and your pest control needs.

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Tick and flea treatment services

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